Screenclass LMS

Screenclass® is a Learning Management System (LMS) developed to meet and suit the Learning Process of the Average Student/Learner in the Sub – Saharan Africa bearing in mind the challenges of access to “Edutech” Facilities in the Region.

The Software is Designed for use by Students and Guardians (Teachers and/or Parents)

The Management of the Software is exclusive to the Admin.

The Educational Content of the Software are Audio-Visuals and Texts Developed and Tailored to Approved Syllabus by relevant Authorities in Nigeria and Western Africa.

The Software runs on Web and Mobile (Android and IOS) and can be accessed via: Mobile Phones, Tablets, Computers, Smart Televisions, et.c

The users of the Software are in 2 Categories:

1. Guardians (Parents/Teachers)

2. Students – Can be added on the Platform by a Registered Parent or register as a Standalone

When a Guardian adds a Student to the Platform, a unique identifier(Screen Class Identity - SCID) will be generated for him/her. A Guardian can however add multiple Students to the Platform.

The Classes are Delivered in Video clips, PDF, URL, I-Frame, Audio and Corresponding Quizzes via Question Bank.

Frequently Asked Questions